Social media marketing services pricing in India

Social media marketing services pricing in India

Social media marketing can be termed as a form of marketing done to generate traffic to a website using activities like social sharing of contents, images and videos.

In today’s digital world when customers interact with brands through social media it becomes a must for small and medium businesses to implement social media marketing to reach out to their potential customers.

Number of users interacting with each other increasing everyday companies regardless of their size and niche are integrating social media into their marketing strategies.

They are hiring professional social media marketing firms to implement it to meet their target and goals.

Social media marketing services pricing India determines the amount you are going to allocate for a particular social media marketing campaign.

When an outside agency has hired the rates and charges depends on the package you choose. The pricing package varies for standard, advanced, corporate and customized packages. The services offered by these firms includes

• Industry and keyword research,
• Strategy development,
• Implementation,
• Profile setup in social media platforms and optimization,
• Blog setup with branding Integration,
• Maintenance,
• Daily updates and Interactions,
• Contents posting like text, images and videos,
• Increasing network popularity,
• Content research and development,
• Key performance metrics reports,
• Reputation management monitoring,
• Blog article writing,
• Press releases,
• Monthly client reporting,
• Video development and optimization
• Book marking.

The biggest advantage and benefit of the packages offered by these firms in India is that the rates charged are mostly flat rates until the desired results are achieved. These firms believe in long-term relations, and the packages offered by them prompts them to work doubly hard.

Another important factor of this pricing package offered by these Indian firms is that the clients get peace of mind knowing that they are paying the same rate every month without any hidden fees.

Most of these firms in India is manned by ex-Google professionals who fully understand the plight of small and medium businesses because these companies primarily depends on online business and other online social media marketing strategies to sustain and grow their business. These firms use white hat and organic strategy, which produces fast results.

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