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Coimbatore Press Release Writing Services India

A press release is a news story that is published and sent directly to targeted readers or customers. It has been found to be a very useful tool to announce to public your new products and services or what is new to your existing products or services. It should be short and yet compelling to pick up the interest of your target. Need an exquisite press release for your business? Well, Coimbatore Social Media is the right organization that you should get into. Coimbatore Press Release Writing Services had proven to be very effective not only to media but to all other people as well.

Our Approach

We do not just write press releases. We do not write by the books. We have an in-depth research first, and a coordination meeting with you before we could come up with a magnificent press release that you require. That is how we work.

The Results

You can find our press releases on top publications. This will be the same on the press release that we will write for you.

Our Service

We have a pool of personal writing editors and professional writers. We will assign one or a group of persons that will work closely with you, be it over the phone or through email.


Our press releases do not sound like an advertisement. We can assure you of that. We write unique and newsworthy press releases that will catch everyone’s attention.

We could start immediately. Try our free consultation.

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