What to Do About Google Fake Reviews

What to Do About Google Fake Reviews

One of the major problems being faced by businesses in the digital world is fake reviews posted by disgruntled customers and competitors due to which their online reputation is taking a hit.

Many search engines like Google have algorithms designed to recognize fake reviews, which includes filtering reviews from users, and unnatural languages, which are used in fake reviews.

Fraudulent online reputation management and SEO firms who frequently handle thousands of reviews post most of the fake reviews.

The perception created by these reviews among your target audience about your company, product or service, is what decides the fate of your business.

If the reviews are good they will buy, form you, recommend your product to others, and if the reviews are bad they will, look somewhere else and can share these fake reviews in all the platforms.

Even if you are selling the best online product in the world some disgruntled employees, customers or competitors have a tendency to post fake negative reviews, which can have an adverse effect on your business.

Businesses have realized the importance of these fake reviews, and they are using the services of professional reputation management companies to get these fake reviews removed from Google.

Some of the strategies they use to remove bad reviews are as follows;

  • Request your satisfied customers to post positive reviews about your company, product, and service and once it is published, share it in the entire social media platform, which you regularly use. You can also request these customers to post their good reviews on other favorite sites.
  • If you find a fake negative review is displayed by a client’s, it always responds to it in a polite and proactive and address his problem in a positive way.
  • You can also request your loyal and happy customers to click “No” or mark the fake reviews as inappropriate id they come across it in the web.
  • Sharing all the positive reviews in blogs, social media profiles and forums will suppress the fake negative reviews and the positive reviews with rank high in search results.
  • Utilize the real power of the internet to monitor fake reviews and execute strategies and tools to suppress fake reviews in the search result pages.

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