How Are Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing Different

How Are Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing Different

Reputation management is the strategy used to shape the customer perception about an organization or individual by manipulating the online information about them. It is mostly done to increase the online visibility or to decrease the visibility of negative contents.

Reputation management is done as a defensive strategy when you have negative reviews, or your rankings take a hit, but Reputation marketing is vital to the success of your business because it utilizes the real power of the internet to work for your company.

Reputation management does not bring in revenue for your business where as reputation marketing does it makes your satisfied customers sell for you. Today marketing strategy has changed due to digital, and social channels, and clients have more control over it when it comes to interacting with your company.

Reputation management is mainly focused on pushing down negative search results and to bridge the gap between how a business perceives itself and how the customers view it. Some of the strategy used by these firms includes the following:

• Improving search engine optimization and tagging of contents like white paper and positive customer feedbacks so that negative content gets pushed down.
• Creating and posting authentic positive contents in websites, social media profiles, blogs, and forums to outperform harmful contents in search results.
• Publishing press releases in authoritative online platforms to promote brand presence.
• Getting your brand mentions in third party sites, which ranks high in Google?
• Proactively responding to customer criticism.
Some of the tools and resources used for reputation marketing are as follows.
• Getting your employees on the same thinking level and brief them about the importance of reviews and asking their opinions at every stage.
• Requesting your most satisfied customers to post positive feedbacks about your products.
• Consistently publishing reviews in platforms like Google +, social media pages and blogs where the target audience can see it.
• Projecting your online reputation in all online and offline marketing campaigns.

Reputation marketing along with good online reputation yields positive returns, and when this is combined with other online and offline marketing strategies, then the effectiveness of these efforts are increased manifold.

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